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  • Working from Home with Cat Purrfessional

    Working from Home with Cat Purrfessionals

    I don’t know about you guys but I find my cats cost a lot of money and they have expensive tastes too! The special food, the World’s Best Litter, the designer furniture, the newest best toys, the vet visits etc. So I figured the Furballs needed to contribute to the household expenses. I am not […] More

  • Cat Olympics

    Olympic Laser Cat Games Challenge

    Every four years, I like so many humans worldwide spend two weeks watching the Olympic Summer Games. Sadly that didn’t happen this year due to Covid-19. The Furball Cats have participated in the Cat Olympics both in 2012 and 2016. So we got the idea to have our own games this year and host a […] More

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    Our Favorite Cat Toys from Amazon

    You know how cats are, sometimes they will play with the toy, sometimes they won’t go near it, or other times the box is the real winner. So we thought it would be fun to show our favorite toys from Amazon with the Furballs actually playing with the toys! We went through a lot of […] More

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    CatVideoFest 2020

    We are super excited about the 2020 CatVideoFest which opened last weekend and is traveling around the U.S. right meow! It is coming to our home town, Los Angeles this weekend. The new reel is curated by CatVideoFest Top Cat Will Braden, the creator of Henri Let Chat Noir videos! The reel travels around the […] More