Olympic Laser Cat Games Challenge

Every four years, I like so many humans worldwide spend two weeks watching the Olympic Summer Games. Sadly that didn’t happen this year due to Covid-19. The Furball Cats have participated in the Cat Olympics both in 2012 and 2016.

So we got the idea to have our own games this year and host a Cat Challenge on YouTube! And can you think of a better challenge for cats than trying to catch the elusive Red Dot? Challenge on!

It is a well known fact the collaborations on YouTube are a great way to grow your channel, build community and meet other like minded cats. But is that an easy thing with cute kitty cats? I’d have to say no. Our past efforts at Collabs have gone down a bad and difficult road. Who remembers the Failed Dating Game with Yogi Otto?

Three hot chicks compete for Yogi Otto’s Love!

But this idea of a Cat Olympic Challenge had merit. It was up to the other channels if they wanted to release their own Laser Challenge. We put up a playlist on Furball Fables and we would feature anyone who wanted to give it a try.

Now I have to disclose right up front that I am a Laser Coach to quite a few local cats here in my neighborhood. You see I am the local Cat Nanny to about 100 families. And I play laser with any cat willing to do so! Over the years we have purrfected red dot techniques. Some cats excel at “Fly on the Wall” or “Wall Tennis” others are great at “Sneak Attack” or “The Merry Go Round”. There are the “Stair Masters” or team players who participate in “Cat Laser Volley”.

The Olympic Laser Cat Game Challenge video features some of the best players I coach. It was hard to choose who would be in the video! I work with so many amazing Cathelets! But maybe Nala, Mitsuki and Fred would be my top choices to go the distance and actually catch the Red Dot!!

Gus and Smokey have purrfected the art of Laser Cat Dancing so I knew I would have to feature them for sure!

Smokey and Gus – Laser Cat Dance

Now I am not sure what this says about my coaching skills but so far not one of my clients or the Furball cats have caught the Red Dot. So why not open up the competition to YouTube cats worldwide. Surely some cat somewhere will catch it.  IT’S ONLY A MATTER OF TIME!!! So let the Cat Games begin and may the best cat win!

Here are some of the challenge champions! It was pretty exciting to see the other challengers! Everyone was creative and different! What I really loved about this challenge was it was just to have fun and everyone was a winner. Thank you to everyone who took part!! Sad to say though, the Red Dot has still not been caught but I am pretty sure Wondercat from Frankie and Company got pretty close! About that playlist, as of this writing it just another youtube feature that doesn’t work. We are in touch with partner support but…well… you know how that goes.

From Feline Films
From SuperBellabeau
From Kimi and Oscar
Magic Melody’s Meadows
From Frankie and Company
From Our Crazy Cats

What do you think?

Written by jazzyrose77

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