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    Cat has Medical Emergency during Covid-19

    I didn’t really think much about what it would be like to be at the vet during Covid-19 because I don’t go to the vet all that often. But July 21st I found out what it would be like because I had to rush my cat Elfin to the vet because he could not pee. […] More

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    Top 10 Tips to be a Cool Cat when it’s Hot!

    We are pretty lucky because we live at the beach in Los Angeles. It doesn’t get that hot too often. And most of this year we have had June gloom all through the summer with limited sunshine, which is kind of depressing. However, the past two weeks it’s been super hot, one of the hottest […] More

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    The Trouble with Working from Home with Cats

    As I write this sentence my cat fairy is in my lap and fighting with my hands for attention! “Pet Me! Don’t Type!” she says, “Lie down” I say to her. “Pet me” she says again while purring loudly! So I must wait patiently for her to settle down so I can get to work. […] More