The Naughty Nice Cat Challenge

It’s that time of year when all kitties will find out if they are on Santa’s Naughty or Nice List. So you better watch out, you better not cry!

With five cats someone is always going to be a little naughty. In an attempt to find out ahead of time which way the wind is blowing at the Furball house I developed the Naughty Nice challenge test. For the last couple of years that Elf on the Shelf has shown up here so I’d like to know the score ahead of time.

Elfin and the Elf on the Shelf

The Furball Cats took the Naughty or Nice Challenge again in 2020. Each year the results are different! This year Merlin, Fairy and Elfin were all on the Nice list! Buddha refused to commit. 5 days later we caught him sleeping in the nice box. Yogi tested out both boxes. When it looked like he was going to settle down in the nice box, at the last moment he changed his mind and moved to the Naughty Box where he has made himself cozy ever since!

Furball Fables Naughty Nice Challenge
Buddha sitting, Yogi in the Naughty Box and Elfin in the nice box.
Buddha caught late at night sleeping in the Nice Box five days after the challenge.

Do you want to find out if your cat is on the naughty or nice list? Take the challenge! Here’s how it works. It’s super easy. All you need is two cardboard boxes big enough for a cat or two to fit inside. Then make two signs, one that says Naughty and one that says Nice. Put one sign on each box. Then see which box your cat goes in. You can also make up your own version! This test is usually 95% accurate. If you send us a picture of your cat taking the test we will share it either here or on social media depending on how many humans send us a picture.

Watch our Naughty Nice Cat Challenge 2020!

Make sure to tag us @furballfables and add #naughtynicecatchallenge

Yogi would especially like to hear about your naughty cats!! We challenge you to take the test too! Let us know if you do. Happy Holidays!! !

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Written by jazzyrose77

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