Cats Commemorate Backward Day Again!

Wait, it’s Backward Day again? It seems to affect the furball cats most years. This year they demanded dinner for breakfast and we were off and running! Can you say woem? (Meow!)

Backward Day happens every year on January 31 since it was created in 1961, sixty years ago this year! The story goes that two women farmers, Sarah Nicole Miller and Megan Emily Scott were milking their cows and talking about arts and crafts when they came up with the concept. LOL! Later that night the two crafty farmers laid out the rules and got their idea out to the locals in the community. The next year on January 31st they were quite surprised to see the people in their town doing things backward. 

Watch the Furballs in Backward Day 2021!

This fun National Holiday has been celebrated ever since. There are lots of fun ideas for all ages. Some of the things we have seen for humans include wearing your clothes backwards, walking backwards, coffee in your milk or dessert for breakfast, playing games backwards, reading a book from the end to the start, writing your name backwards. Doing your work in the opposite order, make your bed sheets on top, blankets on the bottom and so on! You get the idea.

We found that the holiday was very popular with school age children. Many schools observe the day with special backwards activities including arts and crafts, games, telling stories backwards and writing your name backwards.

The Furballs seem to enjoy walking about the house backwards. Because cats are generally graceful they love to jump and play and manage to look good while doing so backwards.

Do you think you’d like to join in the fun? We understand the world is kind of upside down so here’s your chance to have some fun! Let us know how you will be celebrating National Backward Day. Be creative! Be silly! Have fun!!!

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Written by jazzyrose77

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