Cat Sitter has the Cat Olympics with her Feline Clients and its Pawsome!

Chase Holiday here of Furball Fables. For those of you that don’t know, I am a local Cat Sitter in my hometown of Pacific Palisades, California, a high end neighborhood where many movie stars live, in between Malibu and Santa Monica. I have close to a 100 clients and that’s the humans. I can purrsonally say I have hundreds of feline friends in my hood! It’s been so great to return to work recently after not seeing so many of them because of the pandemic.

I always play with the cats I cat sit and I noticed that some of them were amazing cathletes. I got the idea to do the Cat Olympics in December of 2019 during a very busy holiday season. Since I always send my clients videos and pictures of their felines I had tons and tons of video.

Cathlete Nala, Cat Olympics
Nala, one of the Cathletes who is a favorite for the Gold!

Of course we all know the pandemic hit and the Olympics were canceled last year. I didn’t see most of my Cat Nanny clients much in 2020. So instead last year we did an Olympic Laser Cat Game Challenge on Youtube. In addition to youtubers, many of my clients took part too. There is a fun video of cathletes Gus and Smokey doing the Cat Laser dance.

Laser Cat Dance with Gus and Smokey

When 2021 rolled around I started visiting more of my feline friends and we started training again for the Cat Olympics 2021. It was touch and go for a while since we were not sure if the games would go forward. But we just kept at it with a pawsitive cattitude!

The Furball Fables cats participated in both the 2012 and 2016 Cat Olympics but last year they retired and became Olympic judges. So we decided to host the Cat Nanny Cat Olympics on our YouTube channel this year. Let’s just say the judges have had a lot of cat fights over who they think is the best and deserves the gold!

Cat Olympic Judges from Furball fables
Cat Olympic Judges from Furball Fables Elfin, Merlin and Buddha. Left to right)

The voting will be a combination of what the Furball judges decide and also the voting comments from the audience. The awards ceremony will be on the weekend of August 7-8th at the end of the Cat Olympics.

I was quite surprised to see the enthusiastic comments that have been coming in on the videos. There have been lots of new people taking part and voting in the comments and that has been wonderful. (Not just the usual people who may comment on our Furball Fables videos.)

Some of the comments on the Cat Olympic Videos

I am one of the commentators alongside my good friend and long time Dog Nanny (and cat sitter) Jean Palmer from Wisdom of the Wild. This is a very new role for me and I am a little shy about it all. Jean is a pro! It has been a blast to watch all the different events and purrformances. Each cathlete is very different. Really it’s very exciting to watch all the different events.

Chase Holiday from Furball Fables and Cat Nanny
Furball Fables Content Creator Chase Holiday, Cat Nanny with baby Mika.
Jean Palmer of Wisdom of the Wild
Cat Olympic commentator Jean Palmer from Wisdom of the Wild

So meow we shall see who has what it takes to go all the way! For the past two weeks the finest feline cathletes have been competing for the gold! 

Luna (LB) a favorite for the Off the Wall Event

In events like Off the Wall, the Merry Go Round, the Carpet Catch All, the Wand Jump and Catch and the Whack-a-Mouse event, there are truly some stunning moments. There are mew comers and old pros competing, so it is very fun to see who will bring home the Gold at the end of these Cat Games!

To watch all the competitions. here is the Cat Olympic Playlist on Furball Fables. Please vote for who you think should bring home the gold in the comments. May the best cat win!

Binge Watch all the Cat Olympics here!!

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Written by jazzyrose77

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