Top 10 Tips to be a Cool Cat when it’s Hot!

We are pretty lucky because we live at the beach in Los Angeles. It doesn’t get that hot too often. And most of this year we have had June gloom all through the summer with limited sunshine, which is kind of depressing. However, the past two weeks it’s been super hot, one of the hottest years on record in fact.

So how do we deal with this heat? Earlier in the summer I set out to discover some ways to keep 5 Furballs just a little cooler when it’s hot outside. These are my top 10 tips!

1- Fans or AC. Sure AC would be great and I know many of you have AC. We do not so I made sure we have fans in every room. That can be a little bit challenging with so many cats and cat hair everywhere, so I really make sure to sweep and vacuum everyday before I turn on the fans. Several of the furballs enjoy sitting right in front of the fan when it’s hot.

Cat in front of fan
2- Plenty of Fresh Water. This of course is common sense but still it needs to be on the list. Consider adding extra water bowls when it’s hot for easy access. Also cold water or adding ice cubes will help keep your cat cool.

3- Speaking of ice cubes, many cats love ice cubes and will play with them and lick the cubes to keep cool. Be careful not to leave the cubes somewhere where they can melt and humans can slip!

4 – Pet your cat with a cool cloth. Most cats really like this and it’s a nice refreshing way to cool off.

5- Groom your cat. This goes hand in hand with the wipe down and your cats will feel better with less hair and the need to groom when it’s really hot.

6 – Shade. If your cat is outside make sure there is plenty of shade where he can get away from the heat.

7 – Make Popsicles or Catsicles. We took an ice tray, added cat food and treats and put it in the freezer. It was surprising what a big hit this was. One friend on youtube mentioned that you have to make careful not to add a catsicles to your cocktail or ice tea. Yuck!
Cat Popsicles

Cats eating popsicles

8 – No hard core playing. Cats should stay low key when it’s super hot.

9 – Close Curtains or blinds to keep rooms cooler.

10 – Make a Heat Retreat. So simple and a super popular place to hang out at our house. Supplies: A cardboard box, towels or a cool cotton fabric, frozen water bottles and cool place to put the box. Fans are optional.

Lastly there are some things to watch out for when it is really hot.
Cats can get sunburnt. They can get overheated so if you see your cat with loss of energy or heavy panting this would be one of the warning signs. Rapid breath as well. If your cat is a senior or overweight, watch them carefully when it is hot. Also vomiting, a cat who is hot to touch, or drooling are also signs that something may be wrong and you may need to contact your vet.

Cats can get too hot inside also so try to have a well ventilated room and make sure they don’t get locked into a small space where it could get very hot like a garage. Needless to say, don’t let your cat get locked in a hot car.


What do you think?

Written by jazzyrose77

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