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  • Elfin playing with the Whack A Mouse Game
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    D.I.Y. Whack A Mouse Cat Game

    I made the Whack a Mouse Cat Game sometime in 2014. I saw a picture of one on Facebook and it looked like something the Furballs would like. It was easy to make from stuff we had at home. We had a lot of fun with it at the time. Eventually it went to the […] More

  • Backwards Day 2021 Buddha Cat

    Cats Commemorate Backward Day Again!

    Wait, it’s Backward Day again? It seems to affect the furball cats most years. This year they demanded dinner for breakfast and we were off and running! Can you say woem? (Meow!) Backward Day happens every year on January 31 since it was created in 1961, sixty years ago this year! The story goes that […] More

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    Pawsitive Affurmations for a Fabulous Mew Year

    Be Happy Meow! Is that even possible in 2021 after crawling out of 2020? We’d say Yes! Yes we can! Yes to changing our catittude! 2020 was a very challenging year. So how is 2021 going to be any different? Here’s the thing, the elephant in the room, the thing so many of us are […] More

  • Naughty Nice Cat Challenge

    The Naughty Nice Cat Challenge

    It’s that time of year when all kitties will find out if they are on Santa’s Naughty or Nice List. So you better watch out, you better not cry! With five cats someone is always going to be a little naughty. In an attempt to find out ahead of time which way the wind is […] More

  • Americats Furball Fables

    Americats – Should Cats Run for Office?

    Could Furball Fables take a stand pawlitically? I wanted to make some kind of statement even though I was warned it wasn’t a good idea. I had never been a person who was interested in politics until this year. I loved the idea of doing a funny pawlitical video so I set out to find […] More

  • Working from Home with Cat Purrfessional

    Working from Home with Cat Purrfessionals

    I don’t know about you guys but I find my cats cost a lot of money and they have expensive tastes too! The special food, the World’s Best Litter, the designer furniture, the newest best toys, the vet visits etc. So I figured the Furballs needed to contribute to the household expenses. I am not […] More

  • Yogi on the Petfusion Lounger

    Cool Modern Cat Furniture for Stylish Felines

    I love Modern Cat Furniture!! A few years ago I made the commitment to only have nice looking cat furniture. I was more than grossed out by the ancient carpeted cat towers that were now falling apart. Since budget was an issue I tried to find attractive pieces that would last a long time and […] More

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    Create a Cool Cat Garden for your Felines with Safe Plants

    Every year we re-do our Catio Cat Garden. It’s just the nature of things that it dies out in the late winter. This is in part because the Furballs start to use the garden boxes as a litter box and partly because the Cat Nanny here forgets to water. So every year we spend a […] More

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    Cat has Medical Emergency during Covid-19

    I didn’t really think much about what it would be like to be at the vet during Covid-19 because I don’t go to the vet all that often. But July 21st I found out what it would be like because I had to rush my cat Elfin to the vet because he could not pee. […] More

  • Be a Cool Cat

    Top 10 Tips to be a Cool Cat when it’s Hot!

    We are pretty lucky because we live at the beach in Los Angeles. It doesn’t get that hot too often. And most of this year we have had June gloom all through the summer with limited sunshine, which is kind of depressing. However, the past two weeks it’s been super hot, one of the hottest […] More

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    Catalyst Natural Cat Litter

    I loved the smell right away and that’s big for me. I am the first test any cat litter must pass to get into our house because I have a very sensitive sense of smell. Turns out the first bag I tried out of Catalyst was the Multi Cat bag. The smell was a woodsy […] More

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