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    Halloween Ghostie Giveaway

    It’s been a year since we have posted on our website! We are back! So to start off we are going to do a Halloween Ghostie Giveaway from our Etsy Shop! There will be 13 lucky winners! This is our very first Giveaway!! We are going to run this contest from  Friday October 13 to […] More

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    Do You Believe in The Great Pumpkin?

    I never really liked The Great Pumpkin as a kid. Poor Linus really believed in the Great Pumpkin and sweet Sally came along for friend support to the Pumpkin patch. But in the end (spoiler alert) It’s Snoopy the Red Baron who comes instead. I used to wonder if Linus was waiting in the wrong […] More

  • That's What Cat Moms Do

    That’s What Cat Moms Do

    It’s the tenth anniversary of our video, “That’s What Cat Moms Do”. Every year cat people return to watch it again. The video did well that first year and continued to be shared each year afterwards. It was posted on Facebook in 2015 and a video sharing site called Rumble in 2016 and combined the […] More

  • Buddha the Cat Furball Fables

    Buddha the Cat Recovers from Cancer Surgery

    Dear Team Buddha! It’s one week later after Buddha had a cancerous tumor removed in a successful 2 hour surgery on April  20th. We have turned a corner! Both Buddha and I, the human Chase! I am not going to fool anyone, I have been beyond exhausted.  The last month and a half of stress […] More

  • Black cat birthday

    What I gave my cat with cancer for his 12th birthday!

    My cat Buddha has cancer. I am not sure if he will survive this cancer. His 12th birthday was coming up on St. Patrick’s day and I realized it could be his last birthday. So I started stressing over what to do for his special day. I don’t usually make a big deal out of […] More

  • Willow White House Cat photo - ERIN SCOTT - ERIN SCOTT

    New First Feline in the White House

    As Promised back in 2020, there is a new First Feline in the White House! The Biden administration announced Friday that the first family has adopted a two year old gray shorthair tabby cat named Willow, Michael LaRosa, the first lady’s spokesman, said in a news release. Dr. Biden first met Willow when she jumped […] More

  • Cat Day of the Dead Altar for Yogi Otto

    Cat Day of the Dead Altar

    Once a year our dearly departed cats can come between the worlds to celebrate with us! I thought about building a Day of the Dead altar for my cat Yogi Otto in late fall, but his crossing of the rainbow bridge was still incredibly painful for me. The mere mention of his name brought tears […] More

  • I am a Black Cat Activist Furball Fables

    I am a Black Cat Activist

    I never realized I would become a Black Cat Activist but in August of 2010 that’s exactly what happened. I rescued 3 black kittens from a friend of mine and that was the beginning of my journey. Who knew how hard it would be to find forever homes for 3 black kittens in late August. […] More

  • Cat Olympics 2021 Furball Fables

    Cat Sitter has the Cat Olympics with her Feline Clients and its Pawsome!

    Chase Holiday here of Furball Fables. For those of you that don’t know, I am a local Cat Sitter in my hometown of Pacific Palisades, California, a high end neighborhood where many movie stars live, in between Malibu and Santa Monica. I have close to a 100 clients and that’s the humans. I can purrsonally […] More

  • cat grass kit by the Cat Ladies
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    Growing Cat Grass for the very first time!

    I decided to grow some cat grass for the Furballs after I saw this adorable kit made by The Cat Ladies on Amazon. They are a mother – daughter family run business, inspired by their own animals. They sell all sorts of Cat Grass kits but I couldn’t resist this adorable black cat so I […] More

  • Lazy Buddy Modern Cat Tower Review
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    Lazy Buddy Modern Cat Tower

    I knew I needed to replace our disgusting Cat Tower in the bedroom. It was so gross. I won it at a Petco in a give away when the Furballs were just babies. I was so excited! The Furballs of course loved it! They liked to run at full speed and climb up the top […] More

  • Elfin playing with the Whack A Mouse Game
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    D.I.Y. Whack A Mouse Cat Game

    I made the Whack a Mouse Cat Game sometime in 2014. I saw a picture of one on Facebook and it looked like something the Furballs would like. It was easy to make from stuff we had at home. We had a lot of fun with it at the time. Eventually it went to the […] More

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