Catalyst Natural Cat Litter

I loved the smell right away and that’s big for me. I am the first test any cat litter must pass to get into our house because I have a very sensitive sense of smell. Turns out the first bag I tried out of Catalyst was the Multi Cat bag. The smell was a woodsy smell, subtle, not overwhelming. Ok, now what would the cats think. They were slow to come to the box. I have 5 cats and 6 cat boxes, so I cleaned one to test the Catalyst litter. It took about a day for everyone to take a sniff. Two of the cats decided it passed, and used it for their pooping box. Next day more cats were on board but still just pooping. This is not that unusual at our house. The cats will often decide one of the boxes is for # two! But I wanted to see how it clumped. Finally on the 3rd day some of the cats decided to pee in it. I liked how it clumped. But I did find it was better if the pee sat in the box for a bit. It clumped better. All in all everyone at our house uses this box. I found it lasted quite a while and kept it’s texture and smell. Some of my cats are messy in the litter box and so they kick out litter but that is to be expected with any litter here.

Next I tried the unscented. I would have to say I like it even better because there is no smell which is what I prefer. The cats started using the box right away. They all seemed to like it. Of course when there is fresh litter in a box most of my cats will feel the need to use the box and this was no different. 3 cats used it right away. It’s a hit!

I really like this litter. I only use renewable, biodegradable, clumping litter. Catalyst passes all these tests! Some of the other things I really like are that the litter is lightweight, which is important to me because I have a bad back. I also like that there are 3 choices to choose from. My favorite is the Unscented. There also doesn’t seem to be much dust. Always preferable to someone who has allergies like me. And finally it seems to last a long time. The only thing that gave me pause was the price seemed a little high. I would have to weigh the price with how long the litter lasts. But I would definitely consider using this litter again! I have a few natural litters I use and I will add this to my list. I really appreciate getting a chance to test this litter. I will definitely recommend it to my Cat Nanny clients!

Please visit their website for more information.

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