What we love

For those that Worship Cats!

Cat Devotion: To feel an adoring reverence, great regard, respect or devotion for (cat or thing). Got cat bliss? Have you found your inner purr? Is the purrpose of life to love a cat? These are the things we want to know the answers to. We are on a mission to spread the message of meow!

Cat People

We LOVE cat people! Cat people are our tribe! They are devoted to cats. They are Cat Moms and Cat Dads. They have furbabies. They want happy cats! They work hard so their cats can have a better life!

The Secret Power of Cats

Cats are mystical creatures. They are purranormal! They seem to read our minds and know our emotions. They have the healing power of purr. They have nine lives. They can see spirits and ghosts. Cats are known to have predicted natural disasters before it happened. Felines were widely worshipped in ancient Egypt where it was believed they were sacred and magical creatures. They magically appear and disappear! A little cat magic can take you a long way.

What We Love

Our muse is a cat. We are inspired by cats! So our art reflects the feline purrspective!  We tell stories with cats! We make cat video’s, art, animation, graphic’s, t-shirts, puppets and dolls, and so much more.  The five Furball cats are featured in our art but there are also lots other cats that show up from time to time to tell our stories.